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Google / Facebook Advertising

Facebook/Instagram Advertising

With over 1 billion active daily users, advertising on Facebook reaches an enormous audience but requires using more complex targeting and different ad types than other advertising platforms. At Blue Lagoon, our experienced team of digital advertising specialists understands Facebook’s unique features, and how to best use them to maximize results for your specific needs.

We look forward to earning your trust and generating successful Facebook/Instagram advertising results for your business.

Unlike keyword-based search advertising platforms, successful advertising on Facebook/Instagram hinges on identifying & reaching the best possible target audience. Advertisers can target users based on interest, behavior, demographics and much more; however, our experience indicates that it’s often best to build a custom audience based on user characteristics that produce the best results. Once success can be associated with a defined audience, new “lookalike” audiences can be created to reach users with common qualities. Facebook’s massive audience and unique features enable successful ad campaigns to scale rapidly.

Google AdWords Management Service
Google AdWords is Google’s advertising program, also known as PPC (Pay Per Click). Google AdWords uses an online auction system, enabling you to bid on the ability to have your ad show up under the “Sponsored Listings” in Google search results. Google ads also appear on certain web pages, and they can be extremely valuable under the right circumstances.

Blue Lagoon Infotech is a certified partner of Google AdWords and is fully qualified and approved by Google to help you start and manage your account. Google AdWords is one of the best ways to launch a new website or generate traffic to an older website that has struggled to gain traction with the search engines.

Google Adwords Management Services

Google uses a process called “contextual targeting” to match the correct ads with the correct search queries. By analyzing text, language, links and page structure across millions of web pages, Google is able to match your advertisement with the pages that your customers visit. When properly targeted, this can lead to tremendous gains in traffic and increased revenue for your business. Implementing an effective AdWords strategy, though, can be extremely challenging for the inexperienced user.

If you’re looking for a professional Google AdWords management agency, you’ve come to the right place. At Blue Lagoon Infotech, based in Cochin, our Google AdWords specialists are happy to help you build your AdWords campaigns and landing pages in the most profitable way possible. Our AdWords-certified professionals each have hundreds of hours of full-time experience in managing campaigns across numerous industries. These experts can help you to achieve much greater success in your efforts.

If you’ve been using AdWords in vain, you may be causing yourself needless frustration and wasting money on a campaign that fails to achieve its true potential. Give our Google Advertising professionals a call right now. We’ll give you a free quote and explain exactly how we can turn your PPC efforts into real, sustainable profit. We can get you started immediately, so call us today.

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